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Name ideas for my band

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im starting a band with my friends and we're desperately thinking of names and i need your help! we're gonna be covering songs like Knockin On Heaven's Door, Stairway to Heaven, Chinese Democracy and Welcome to the Jungle while writing our own material. just need help for names...GN'R related or Non-GN'R related

thx a bunch guys

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Your more then welcome to use the Hot Beef Injection name. It was a name that I actually came up with during my high school stint with my cuz and our band. We never actually implemented it so it's not copyrighted or anything. We went by Loafpincher and Dungwater. I'll keep thinking of some names for ya though. Hope someone does have a cooler idea than I.

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Now I can't say if Snowblind was ever used unless a Black Sabbath Tribute band used it, and it isn't original, but it is cool I will admit. I was thinking of StormRyder(after Iced Earth), and WinterKill(I think that may be used) and I can sit and think up shit but I can't post it all right off the bat. So now I will think for these guys and grab my ass a pen and paper and write this shit down. (Sorry but my 8yr old girl wants to play alot and I love her too much I gotta cut off alot).

other suggestions:



Damn, there I gotta go a min, be back , daughters callin......

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Back, but got a BrainFart cause I'm chowin down some Ben & Jerry's Pistachio ice cream with my daughter. She's not watchin me, she's too tied up on the sofa watchin a Re-Run of Lizzie McGuire. Just tryin to help out a newcomin band anyway I can. It's fuckin hard man to come up with shitin ideas for a fresh name more then I or ya can imagine. But I'll stay with your cause. Gotta go again, after I read the addiction thread and Taco Bell was mentioned, I asked my daughter if she'd like it and well... dinners a callin. Gotta go make that run for the border. Be back after the Tums settle and I get up off the shitter.

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