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Recently there have been so many topics shut or deleted for good reasons but i had a topic deleted for no reason, it was in the correct forum, it was fun and on topic yet it was deleted.I respect the fact that whoever deleted it felt they were justified and the topic may have become somthing different when i went to sleep but it would be much cooler to pm the topic starter and explain the reason a topic is deleted rather than them searching for it to no evail.

Just a thought on how to improve things a bit ;)

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Guest swwet_child

Why they had to delete that thread from yesterday? :anger: The one with say something about the above poster... It was fun and i liked it! :angry:

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Eric has already stated that he is not permitting the "Person Above You" thread to continue. It caused some computer glitches at the old forum which were partly responsible for the loss of the threads. Here is the post he wrote explaining this at the old forum:
There will be no more "The person above you thread". This kind of thread is 1) pointless and 2) stretches the limit of Forums.

Eric Romano, Webmaster 

yeye i dunno

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Thats fine with me now i get the reason but i still say a quick pm explaining things would be cool.


yeah, then at least you would know not to do it again in my case i did something like that twice, i had no warning about it the first time around and i got a 10% warn for it

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