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G'N'R - Halloween on the Horizon

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I've got a copy of the live G'n'R recording "Halloween on the Horizon" for sale on Ebay if anyone is interested in owning it.

It's got a really low starting bid, considering Ive seen the album sell on other sites for more than $75. The album was recorded on October 31, 1987 and released by Waggle Wag records. If anyone wants it, then feel free to bid. I would appreciate it a lot.


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Unfortunately, older bootlegs have almost no value anymore. Thank the internet for that. Anyone can rename and produce their own bootlegs. Or just download most of them for free, like on this site. I used to buy them in the early 90's cuz that was the only way you could hear some of the live stuff or demos.

Today I collect only the promo copies and officially released stuff. I'll sell my bootlegs some day, but I don't expect to get much for them.

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