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The best member of Kiss

Ultimate Riff

Who is the best member of kiss not favoured i mean who has the most skill with singing and playing the instrment they play  

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i'll stick with these four at the moment, my choice is Ace he was a great guitarist and sung a couple of great songs to. As much as Paul and Gene did basically i think they are overated, i think Peter Criss is more so the silent one in the band you only hear him sing a couple of songs Black Diamond, Beth.

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Gene Simmons is the choice.  The man is an utter legend!  Anyone who can sleep with that many women I take my hat off to


Excellent point...but I'm guessing Paul isn't too far behind him, if at all, on the chicks-bagged list. Those 2 guys make Matt Sorum seem downright virginal! :P

Seriously, Gene and Paul are the 2 co-leaders of the band, Gene being much more public by nature. It's not real KISS without Ace and Peter, but I have to split my vote between the other two.

No, just changed my mind--going with Stanley!!

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Peter Griffin from Family Guy said it best

"No one wants to be Peter Criss, not even Peter Criss"


lol damn i was gonna say that


That's a funny quote, hadn't seen that. Unfortunately, it's probably all too true... :tongue2:


why couldnt he have picked something cooler like the other guys!??!

i mean theres a demon lookin guy, a guy with a painted start on his face, an alien lookin dude........ then a kitty cat........ wtf?

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