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Help with guitar painting!


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Likewise, I'd say the only way is to get it done professionally. This, of course will cost a fortune although if you create the design and take it to a signwriter it might be cheaper.

You'd probably be best tinkering about on a piece of wood first until you've got it sussed.

There are some tips and tutorials here:


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dont need to get it done professionally. I did it and it looks pretty good when you do it on your own. Heres how to do it

1. Remove the neck and stuff.

2. Get some thick tape. Masking tape will do, thought you might wanna use two layers

3. Make lines of tape as you want the lines on the guitar to be.

4. Get some spray paint. Most stuff will do. Make sure itll spray on wood.

5. Spray the guitar. Wait for it to dry and do another layer and wait for it to dry. Turn the guitar over and repeat. when youre done you might wanna touch up the sides.

6. Remove the tape. It may look a little rough close up but looks great looking at the whole thing.

Of course this is just for two colours this is how mine turned out The chipped bits are just from wackin it about, nothing to do with the paint obviously

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Hyp3rFi3rc3 and I are going to custom paint our guitars like EVH. We have an idea of how to paint it but can someone give tips or someone with experience can help???



You doing the Black & White one?

or the Yellow & Black one?

or the Red, White and Black one?

Eddie had the most badass looking guitars.

Good luck!

PS. Heaps of people have copied eddies paint job, so while its not a very original idea its still cool

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