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Yes,they wanna be Kurt Cobain

Gallagher Rose

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I was hearing some songs from 2 bands..Seether and Puddle of Mudd.Holy Crap..the lead singers of these bands are trying hard to sound like Kurt Cobain.

There are 2 songs in special,that they sound a lot like Cobain.

The first one is "Basement" from Puddle of Mudd,the screams and the voice of Wes Scantlin is a ripoff from Cobain's voice.

The second is "Remedy" from Seether..he tries to sound like Kurt during the song,the intro is ripped off from Silverchair's Freak..and the song is crap.

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i actually think seether is awesome, and the song remedy rocks whether he sounds like kurt cobain or not, i do know they are heavily influenced by nirvana tho...and ya he does sound like cobain. When i first heard their huge hit "fine again" i thought it was nirvana, sounds very simliar, a wicked song

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Guest Twisted Metal
Kurt Cobain is shit!!!!!!!!!!!! who would wanna be like him when we can be like Axl!


I don't wanna get into this Kurt vs. Axl thing but Kurt is the man too. rock3

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I don't really know much Puddle Of Mudd.

Seether are a good band, and 'Remedy' is a good song. When I first heard it I thought it was a Nirvana song. Which is why I like it. It sounds good.



Your sig (pic *and* quote) are entirely excellent.

Back on topic, Seether aren't my cup of tea but they kick the shit out of Puddle of Mud.

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