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Patience(vocals only with solos from RIR3)

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Please don't take this to offence, but it needs a lot of work.

First off -- you need to work on singing in tune. Don't be afraid to sing a little louder and cut loose a little more -- you're holding back way too much. There's a few spots where you raise your voice into a different key, then you dropped it back 3 seconds later as though you were scared.

I didn't think much of it to be honest, but I think that's because you're holding back.

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i appreciate your feedback...however, you must realize that im not in a recording studio and that i use a simple microphone attached to my computer to record. yes ,you are right, my voice was a little changing throughout the song and there are times where i have to press the record button on Sound Recorder to keep the recording going and if i forget, it wont record. but i do appreciate your feedback and will take your advice

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