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what you learning

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Me and a mate are learning Hotel California together.

It was hard to compress 5 guitar parts into 2 but i did it, and sounds good.

Man i love it, such a fucking classic song.

nice, i'd like to hear it

i'm working on the floods solo still

Floods solo is insaine.

For Hotel, my mate plays the riff (with capo at 7th fret) and i play lead fills, i then play the first solo, then my mate takes off his capo and plays the 2nd solo, we then both play harmonised lead for the outro.

It sounds good, except for the outro, which sounds a bit dead cos there is no ryhthm guitar going.

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The most recent I have learned, and got down:

Comunication Breakdown solo. It's a song by Led Zeppelin, for all those who aren't fans.

Great song, i can only play the intro of it sadly...

anyway atm im trying to learn the don't cry intro and stairway to heaven intro and imagine

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lucy in the sky with diamonds - not so hard but its a classic beatles

cowboy song - harder quite a classic lizzy

dancing in the moonlight - thin lizzys best

then i have lots of own songs to learn and produce

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After watching that japanese/chinese guy on some other threads i've decided to put myself to trying to learn that Neil Zaza song - "I'm Alright".. the first bits are easy... but there are some tricky bits... i can't do sweep picking though so im screwed when the cool fast sweeping runs come in :(

Has anyone got any tips for sweeping.. i've tried really hard to try and get it but i just cant ever get stuff up to any speed where it doesn't sound like i'm just picking the notes. I've been playing for approx 3-4 years now so i'm not that bad, but sweeps seem to always fuck me up! :anger:

Any help would be appreciated.. thanks guys & gals

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Well i nailed the SCOM solo a while back with my band so now its time for .....a bit of... Mmmm i dunno any suggestions??

i think you're lying, lets hear it...

until then, try guitar's suck, by bumblefoot.

you can do it.

This is why i dont post here much no more... People think people lie a lot... ill upload it and you prolly will still say im lying..

Here ya go anyway

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I picked up a guitar and started learning 3 months ago,

been wone hell of a ride between starting a band and learning....

I can play slts-nirvana

You really got me

Knockin on heaven's door (dylan way with gnr's 2002 opening)

and eric clapton's part on "wonderful tonight"

among other intros and songs

the infamous smoke on the water

like a stone


i used to love her

cum on feel the noiz

streets of love(the rolling stones new song,i feel cool playing it)

star spangled banner

wipeout(supershredding on my part)

blitzkrieg bop

you can't put your arms around a memory

but by far my best guitar work is:21st CENTURY SCHIZOID MAN

plus alot of intros

working on Chinese democracy(does anyone know the easiest/most accurate tab for it?)

scom (bitch to pull off)


(anyone got tabs for the bitch is back by la guns?)


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what the hell is a pinched harmonic? is that just an artificial harmonic?


Yep, same thing. When I play them, they make my face move.

Facials make you better at guitar.

:rofl-lol: I know! I'm like that! I am a right bloody guerner - it makes my guitar teacher howl. I can't help it - I just can't keep my face still when I play the guitar. If I concentrate on having a pretty face, I can't play!

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