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pearl jam


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They named a song after me...

(my real name ya dip-sticks)



Awesome song.


How did you know that?!?




not everyone is a stalker...just me..jeremy


anyway...jeremy..do you plan on "speaking in class today"

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pearl jam absolutely rock!

my dad used to listen to them when was about 5. i kept getting flashbacks of 'even flow' but no words, just the music. it pissed me off for about 2 months trying too find out what it was. i cant sing particuarly in tune, so no-one had a bloody clue what i was going on about, but then one day it came on 'scuzz'.

i then listened to their greates hits, rearviewmirror and i knew the words... it brought back all of my childhood memories... how strange?

but yes, eddie vedder is great! he has the voice you love to death or hate with a passion!

i love it :D

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Original PJ were awesome. Ten is awesome, but after a while they kind of went a little downhill. What happened to them and all their little fiascos kind of disheartened me but I'm still going to check out their upcoming album. If they return to their old form, then they'll rock. rock3

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