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The new Helloween album!!


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dont think anyone have heard it yet.. but if you did.. what did you think??

i just listened to it.. and its soooooooo much better then i thought it would be..

and im not really that mad anymore that they named it keeper of the seven keys - the legacy ( :anger: )

its waaaay better then Rabbit Don't Come Easy.. yeye.. buy it when it comes out!! :D

Deutschland: 28. Oktober 2005

Europe: October 31st 2005

USA: November 8th 2005

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Yeh Just a Little Sign is a great song from that album ^ though I still prefer the Kiske period :P Apparently he's guest vocals on the new Gamma Ray album though :D

Well its sposed to be a goodun so I'll look into this album! :D


yeah kiske era is the best.. and he is on edguys new EP as well.. havent bought it yet though :(

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Have not heard it but I picked up the new Gamma Ray and it is amazing. There are many parts that remind me of Helloween's first album Judas. It actually is a great album that has influences from all their past albums including the days when Kai sang for Helloween. Gamma Ray sometimes sounds more like Helloween than Helloween itself. Check out the forth song Hell is thy Home. Total Victim of Fate intro and riffs.

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