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Songs that got you through the bad times


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Mine would be:

Metallica - Fade to Black


Metallica - Nothing Else Matters

i hold these two songs to me very close, they have gotten me through some bad shit where i could of got one way or the other.


Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing has never failed to cheer me up, beautfiful song.

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morrissey-break up the familly

still helps me, about friends (or anyone close to you, make the song your own) who leave, and they're all you've got, and it's scarey. Whenever i miss an ex or an old friend i listen to this song and it really makes me feel better

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I Want To Break Free - Queen

I can relate to it a lot right now.

Help! - The Beatles

Without realizing it, I was also crying for help because of trouble I had in school. This song helped me.

There are also a lot of songs I can relate to, but these two truly helped me.

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