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Mick Mars

Mama Kin

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I personally think that Mick Mars is a very underated guitarist and doesnt get enough respect from people like the other Motley Crue members do. IMO i think Mick is the most important member of the Crue and an awesome guitar player

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From what I've seened (which isn't much), he deserves more respect. Also considering he had that life threatening back problem and still playing! That deserves all the respect in the world :)


Couldnt of put it better myself S W L A B R 7. In The Dirt Mick speaks about how people see him as always moody and a kill joy but he said he would love to jump around on stage going crazy but his back problem prevented him from doing so. Also in the book Mick comes across as one of the nicest guys. He would give anybody a second chance and many people took advantage of this which made me sad. Rock on Mick rock3 One fuckin' awesome guitar player rock1

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