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How do i make a sig?

Chrisi Rokks

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Every program is different, but you can use anything to make a signature. :)

My best advice to you is just to mess around with it. That's how the majority of 'sig makers' on this forum have gotten to where they are. Once you know your program, making signatures should be a breeze.

I personally haven't had any experience with the software you're using, but i'm sure it will do the job. Practice is the key to it. Don't be disheartened by what you initially get out of your program -- i'll remind you what my first few signatures looked like:





Everyone starts somewhere!

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ok,i have sig,but i need one new sig,for my own forum

all i want in that sig,is maybe 2 or 3 pictures of axl but dressed in that t-shirt with number 22,in some dark blue,or blood color ,and some kick ass font..

can anyone help in that one ,please.

i see you are all very talented in making sig's.

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