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Best of Both World?


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Obviously...in most cases the frontmen tend to be the lead guitarist or the singer...in most cases...so my question is...

who of our legendary god-like guitarists, do you think had (has) the best voice AND best chops?

for me it has to be brian may...although i don't know if it counts cuz he wasn't the "frontman" but whatever...

hendrix, clapton, and SRV come close behind but i think may had the better voice and comparable chops...

what do you think?

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Definately not Zakk Wylde.  His voice gets on my tits.


i see...but then who?


John Frusciante, Rory Gallagher, Dave Gilmour.


dave gilmore was another choice for me

john frusciante is sooo good!

but i still think brian may beats em both out...especially in '39 :rolleyes:

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