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Squier Strat Pak

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for the love of god start electric!!! i can't stress this enough! you can't hear how sloppy you actually are on an acoustic and it will fuck you up down the line. i started acoustic and formed some bad habits i'm still trying to break 13 years later (i.e. not being able to use my pinky finger as well as i'd like). that damn finger is almost worthless on anything short of a 1000 dollar acoustic (for shit other than chords) unless you're a professional.

the squire isn't the greatest, but the guitar isn't as important as the player. i'd certainly recommend it for beginners. i've seen guys whale like a son of a bitch on them.

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Guest gnr>everything

Start electric. You can do sooo much more on electric. And sometimes the acoustic will make you discouraged because of the fingers thing. Your fingers still get used to strings on an electric, just need to get used to acoustic ones when you do start playing acoustic. It's not that hard though...

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