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Less-Known Floyd Albums


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And I love them all. Which one should I get next? I was thinking about Piper At The Gates Of Down, but you probably know better.



god you need that album

trippy beyond trippy, it is - so mindfuckingblowing

need now

i :heart: intersteller overdrive

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Go with Meddle first, it sounds the most like Dark Side of the Moon

For something truly spectacular, go get Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Get the mono version if you can find it because it's a much better recording and you will hear things on the mono that you can't hear with the stereo remix.

If you like Meddle, get Obscured by Clouds, which is more experimental but has some great moments.

Atom Heart Mother is much less structured, but the opening title suite and the closing "Alans Psychadelic Breakfast" are real stand outs. You can almost smell the eggs burning on the last track.

Saucerful of Secrets shows the band in transition between Syd Barret and the eventual leadership of Roger Waters. It's a little shaky, but Syd has one last track on the album before retiring to oblivion. Listen to Piper and you'll see why he is sorely missed.

Ummagumma is a combination live album and a series of studio tracks. The live album is good, but not exceptional. The studio tracks are inconsistant at best.

More is a soundtrack, and the Nile Song is probably one of the more interesting (and heavy) tracks Pink Floyd have done.

The Final Cut is an amazing album for those with the ability to follow it. If you know your cold war era societal history, you'll really appreciate this masterpeice of "A Requiem For the Post War Dream".

After that, it's up to you. Momentary Lapse of Reason is mostly throwaway, but it has some good tracks (if you're amenable to Gilmour's singing)

Division Bell is a little better, but the swansong of the David Gilmour era stands in stark contrast to the former glory of the band with Roger Waters. High Hopes comes close, but mostly for the guitar work at the end.

And that's it. Besides the various compilations attempted over the years, this is most everything. Notable exceptions include some early singles such as Arnold Layne and See Emily Play. These are well worth their weight in gold if you can find them on a singles compiliation somewhere.

You'll really appreciate this band all the more if you hear their entire catalog.

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ive got one on vinyl but i dont know what its called. the first record is live and the second is studio.

the cover has a bloke sat between a painting an open door, the painting is of the same picture but the band members change and it says pink floyd on the floor


Ummagumma... The most noticable thing on it is a track called "Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Put Together In A Cave And Grooving On A Pict". It's comprised of rhythmic animal sounds.


aye thats the bastard. ive got animals on vinyl aswell - the one with battersey powerstation on and the flying pig. they were my uncles before he died in '79. not really my kind of thing though i appreciate its fairly groundbreakin and talented. i have been known to put it on in the background whilst ive been, well you know

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Ummagumma is one of the last Floyd cd's I'd buy. I personaly love the live cd, but the studio album is very experimental. Almost like an experiment gone wrong. It lacks direction. Very inaccessable.


I think the studio half of Ummagumma is great,

Each member of the band got 1/2 a record side to play what ever they wanted, and they did all the imstruments on their own.

Personally i think The Narrow Way part 3 is amazing, it would defantly rank in my top 10 Floyd songs, well not really Floyd because Gilmour did everything on his own in that song, but it's still awesome.

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