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It says I have been infected with spyware! Help! What is spyware??????

Relax, relax.

Spyware is VERY common, much more prolific than viruses these days. The reason being that people are less aware of what Spyware is.

It's basically software that monitors your computer activity then sends it off to companies so they can target you with ads. If you get popup ads on your desktop when you arent surfing the internet, or you have some sort of 'toolbar' installed on your browser, then Spyware/Adware is the source.

It sounds a lot worse than it is, but it's important that you get it removed because it can have adverse effects.

Now -- it seems like you computer has picked it up? I'm assuming you have some sort of anti-spyware program? Is that where you discovered it, or did you get a popup saying 'YOUR COMPUTER HAS SPYWARE! CLICK THIS LINK TO REMOVE'?

If it's the popup - then that's actually an example of adware trying to get installed on your computer. If it's a program, then you should be alright, because the program should remove it for you.

If you're unsure, then download Microsoft Windows Anti-Spyware. It's a spyware removal tool that should be installed on every computer.

Hope this helped, and good luck! ;) B)

EDIT: Bromle got in before me and suggested Ad Aware. While that's also a good piece of software, in more recent times i've found the Microsoft alternative to be more effective.

Your best bet is to actually download both and run scans. Most of the time one picks up something that the other doesn't.

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I can offer some further assistance if need be. Do like the others suggested and download adaware and MS antispy. Make sure you update the programs before you start scanning with them.

You also should download the following programs.

Spybot Search and Destroy


Ewido(This is for windows xp)


Also run this online virus/spyware scan(choose complete scan).


Remember the most improtant thing you can do is update the programs before you scan.(like an antivirus)

If you have run all of these programs and everything still is not fixed download this:


Open it and choose scan and save log file. Then copy and past the log on to this forum. I will then show be able to help you out further because I will be able to see what your infected with.

(If you choose to upload a hijack this log I suggest that you do not follow instructions by anyone on this forum but me. Not to belittle the other members but if you do not know what your doing you can truely harm your computer.)

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