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Knocking On Heavens door Cover

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Knocking on heavens door coursework

Hey last year for my music tech course i tried to record sweet child o'mine but unfortunatly assholes let me down and they couldn't play it. These are the same people that slay me for liking Guns and roses when they like music because a certain person thinks it's cool what a load of fuck Nuggets. It's me singing and it's my acoustic voice lol P.s Feedback would be good

any way here's a poem of mine as well


And here I am, here I stand,

I shall have my right to passion,

I will not buckle to society’s demand,

Grant them rendezvous or liaison,

For they’d paint the rose black,

Give birth to a colourless dominion

And never cease their vicious attack.

These words a thousand times thought

Remain however unsummoned to the tongue.

My hesitation has me falling short,

A sigh where words belong.

No fire flung from the heart,

My mouth and Furness not as one

But lie in silence inharmoniously apart.

Why is our inclination to be alone,

Hiding within our frames we oppress

Ourselves to the dungeons we roam,

Far from faithful happiness ?

In time I wish to come to be

A man who can unashamedly confess

His passions for life, for thee.

Edited by O'Laigh
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