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Anyone no of a good antivirus program??


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I use Norton AntiVirus 2005...a lot of people say it sucks because it clashes with windows a lot, but I like it and have never had any problems...

I use it as well, but i've had several clashes with programs, shutting down errors and I find it to be very obtrusive and resource-hungry.

Having said that, it's excellent for detecting viruses.

Bromle, are you after a free scanner or are you downloading illegally from P2P? Try McAfee for P2P or AVG Antivirus for free.

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I uses photoshop....I clearly have nothing against P2P :P

So I will try McAfee......I had norton before....and that was to overpowering....takes over alot. Clashes with programs (steam) and it's really annoying.....but it get's the job done....

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