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Where is the best "place" to be for a concert?


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I don't know if this has ever been done but i thought i'd ask, i've been in all these places at concerts and i figure in front of the stage because you're close enough to see them perfect and can catch picks and shit, speakers so you're deaf by the end of the night with the possibility of getting close to the people and maybe getting a pick, in the middle to get full view of the stage and get a pretty good perspective of whats going on, or in the back because you don't really care as long as you hear the music and can see some movement.

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In front of the stage. The sound it great and the view is even better. i have to admit I have only done it twice. But it was for gnr in Vegas at the Joint. So it was worth all the pushing and shoving. By the way people!! Pushing me isn't going to get you closer to the stage. Its only going to get your face flattened. You really have to watch yourself up front. It can get pretty bad.

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I'm very specific about this. An outdoor gig at Balloch Castle (10 mins from my house). It would be on a hill and me and my friends would be at the top watching the stage which would be at the bottom of the hill. We would be at a slightly less crowded place. Preferably it would be a music festival. I think I'm having a Woodstock fantasy..... :unsure:

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