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Alice Cooper

Follow Your Illusion

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Alice Cooper played here a few months ago but i missed him,too bad!.

I saw him in 2002 and it was a really good show(alot of fake blood!).

I`m sure i will get to see him again,he won`t quit until he dies,same goes for Lemmy.

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twisted sister are still goin?

i didnt know that. that kicks ass.

do they still do the thing with the weird clothes and makeup? like in that music video where the dad was all like "WHAT ARE YOU GOIN TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!?!" then they threw him out a window?

thats awesome.


i was supposed to go see alice this friday the day before my birthday but the tickets were so damn expensive.

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Alice Cooper is a good show

He kind of acts out the songs, costumes props, other charactures (sp?), like a play with different skits, a little bit of magic (illusion) where you will say, how did he do that?

of course his band is still playing the music on a tripped out stage.

very good show.

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Where to?

I'm seeing him at Wembley Arena Pavillion.

Can't wait.

Was a bit iffy about Twisted Sister, but I hear they're awesome live, so I bought their best of for £4 in Virgin, and it's not all that bad.


Got tickets for the Newcastle Arena show. Sounds like im in for a good show then. Always been a fan of over the top stage antics, I pay to SEE a show, If I wanted to hear an artists songs id stick on a cd.

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