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need help finding a song title


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i'd like to give you lyrics, but i can't remember any.

anyhow, the songs verse is basically the same as man in the box by AIC (guitar wise) only sped up a bit. the singer sounds exactly like layne, but it's not AIC (i don't think),

do you know what i'm talking about?

could the band be mad season?

"come and see me" might be some lyrics if i remember correctly

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Can't get anything off that but here's a tracklist from "Above". Maybe you can get something off a title.


2:x-Ray Mind

3.River of Deceit

4:I'm Above

5:Artificial Red

6:Lifeless Dead

7: I Don't Know Anything

8:Long Gone Day

9:November Hotel

10:All Alone

Yeah, Layne's side project was Mad Season.

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