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I´ve read from the Axl Rose interview did by Kurt Loder about 5 years ago by phone, that Axl has a complete studio, and that he uses computer and all that thing.

Im composer and musician, and i use some software to make music by computer... You have any idea which program uses Axl to make music by computers?

If any of u uses computer to make music, what software is your favorite? and if u use it, you think Axl could use the same software that u use? I know this is a gnr forum, but it would be interesting comment about that.

(dont care about my english, im venezuelan and I speak spanish)



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I'm sure that if he does computer recording, then he uses Digidesign's Pro Tools. Pro Tools is pretty much the industry standard.

Ok, digidesign protools is not exactly a tool to make music, its a tool to record and edit music... I use the Image Line Fruity Loops, its for compossing music... Im sure like u that Axl uses digidesign002, but its not for compossing trough computers...




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