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Maiden out of the upcoming Ozzfest dvd


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Yep, not surprising... <_<

here's the dvd tracklisting:

Black Sabbath - "War Pigs"

Black Sabbath - "Iron Man"

Black Sabbath - "Paranoid"

Velvet Revolver - "Sucker Train Blues"

Anthrax - "Caught in a Mosh"

H.I.M. - "Soul On Fire"

Alter Bridge - "The End Is Here"

The Mad Capsule Markets - "Pulse"

Trivium - "A Gunshot To The Head of Trepidation"

Rob Zombie - "More Human Than Human"

Rob Zombie - "Dragula"

The Haunted - "Bury Your Dead"

Soilwork - "Blind Eye Halo"

Wicked Wisdom - "You Can't Handle"

Gizmachi - "Voice Of Sanity"

A Dozen Furies - "Awake and Lifeless"

It Dies Today - "A Threnody For Modern Romance"

Source: here (it's in portuguese)

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THAT SUX ASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



apart from vr :ph34r:


Including VR. But at least they picked Sucker Train Blues, that song's awesome!

I half expected them to put on the song where Maiden got egged, Murder's In The Rue Morgue was it? Just for a little kick in the teeth.

Fucking Sharon.

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I'd like to see the shot of Anthrax...that's it really.

I went to the UK Ozzfest, man it sucked , Bowling for Soup, Anthrax and VR were the only good things there.

Actually Mad Capsule Markets were quite entertaining.

Wouldn't have liked Maiden on this kind of DVD personally, would prefer them to release the fucking Death on the Road DVD (get a move on guys you've pushed it back too much!)

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