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'Ain't It Fun' by ME~!

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It's my first upload to you wonderful people of the tremendous Mygnr forum (I'll start the kissing up early). I used GuitarPro for the "backing track" with some crappy flute thing doing it's best Axl impression. I stuck mostly to the tab although at the end it's just the boring power chord bit, so I began improvising using the scale used for the begging of the song (whatever the scale is, I don't know) and mixed it up a bit. I stuck a few bits of sexy improv in at random points too.

I'm quite proud of this, I've been playing for about 3 months now and my "teacher" has been ultimateguitar.com, so be kind :angry:

Aint It Fun - by ME, 2.39 MB

Thx :wub:

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better then anything I could do :)


Thanks, I just hope you're not some sort of armless chimp without any ears :(


He is :heart:

No he isn't :lol:

I have played in like one year and I can't play like that (but it was bad sound so I didn't hear that much) but it was good :D

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