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Anybody has the album? I got it today. Great. I love Innuendo and The Show Must Go On. I really miss the fun, joking Queen attitude (Don't Stop Me Now, Bohemian Rhapsody), but this one has got a lot of emotion.

R.I.P. Freddie

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i have it.

it doesn't lose all the joking fun of queen - i mean freddie has a song about his cat delilah which ends with a real meoooooow! and bijoh and innuendo have spectacular guitar solos (the latter has a spanish guitar solo by someone else...i forget at the moment)

there are a couple other good rockers (headlong, ride the wild wind) but the real prize is as ARQ said - the show must go on which is just...heart throbbing

overall...it's an above avg queen album - certainly no "A Night" or "A Day" but it's better than most of the 80s albums they made like the game or flash gordon <_<

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Innuendo isn't one of my favourite Queen albums, I prefer the earlier stuff but it really does show how much Queen have progressed from a budding talented melodic group to a symphonic, harmonic legendary bunch of well respected guys even though they had respect right from the start.

Yeh Delilah is hilarious "when tou pee all over my...chippendale suite" i thought that was so random! :lol: The effects with guitar in that song are so great though. Brian May is such a leg end :D

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