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A Night At The Opera vs Innuendo


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A Night at the Opera is the pinnacle of Queen's creative period during the early 70s.

Aside from being their most diverse album, it is also their best musically, with

Freddie giving some of his best Vocal performances (Death on two Legs, Love of My Life) and of course Bohemian Rhapsody

Brian May writing some of the best songs of his career (39', Prophet Song) along with some awesome solos to boot.

Deacon wrote his greatest pop song (Your My Best Friend)


Taylor gave an awesome performance on I'm in Love With My Car

It was also their best attempt at a "Concept" Album

I also like Seaside Rendevous becuz i'm a sucker for Broadway songs :rolleyes:

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How is it a concept album?


just like sgnt peppers it has a beginning intro into the album and the outro with god save the queen - and the album flows from one song to another - like how death on two legs goes straight into lazing on a sunday after noon - it's very loose i'll admit but hey, either way it kinda sounded like the songs were meant for each other in that order...

a day at the races is also set up in the same type of format with the circusy type of music in the beginning and end

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ANATO is a classic and I think it's the best. It has the lyrical values of the Prophets song, amusing and lighthearted values of Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon, the mellowness, mystery and inner paradoxes of '39, the sheer brilliance of Bohemian rhapsody the intense ambiguity of Death on two legs with that drastic guitar shrills and powerful piano, the powerful rock track I'm in love with my car and the delicate romantic ballad Love of My Life


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Night at the opera is probably the most solid album I've ever heard...

The album just flows...I actually thought Lazing on a sunday afternoon was the intro to I'm in love with my car the first times I've listened to it...

It has everything....such diversity...Probably one of the best albums of all time..

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