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Alice Cooper - Brighton


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Yeah man! Just got back from seeing Alice Cooper in Brighton with Twisted Sister (5/11), did anybody happen to go to this, and what did they think?

I must say, Cooper puts on a fantastic show, 9/10. Not 10 because I only knew a few songs :P So kinda hasn't completely got the effect!

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Can't remember what Twisted Sister played as I'm not a fan, but I know they played I Wanna Rock as their last song.

This is a setlist from a few nights ago, looking at all the previous setlists here there isn't much variation at all.

October 29th 2005 Tacoma WA, Emerald Queen Casino

Setlist: (Phantom Of the Opera intro Tape) / Department Of Youth (part) / No More Mr Nice Guy / Dirty Diamonds / Billion Dollar Babies / Be My Lover / Lost In America / I Never Cry / Woman Of Mass Distraction / Eighteen / Between High School and Old School / Sunset Babies / Is It My Body / Go To Hell / Black Widow Jam (Inc. Drum solo) / Gimme / Feed My Frankenstein / Welcome To My Nightmare / (Taped Intro) / "The Piece" (Includes The Awakening / Steven / Only Women Bleed / Steven / Ballad Of Dwight Fry / Killer) / I Love The Dead (Band vocal only) / School's Out / Poison / Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills / Under My Wheels

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Yeah I went last night!

I was a bit disappointed with Cooper. songs were great but the stage show wasn't as great as it was made out to be.

Twisted Sister were fuckin A! Me and my mate were like the only people there who WANTED to see them, the place was pretty much empty.

Twisted Sister played (Not in order)

Destroyer, Burn In Hell, I Wanna Rock, We're Not Gonna Take It, Stay Hungry, I Am I'm Me, The Price, Can't Stop Rock N Roll, It's Only Rock N Roll (But I Like It), Shoot 'Em Down, The Kids Are Back, Under The Blade, Bad Boys of Rock N Roll.

And I can't remember if they played I'll Never Grow Up Now or not.

Set list for Cooper was same as above.

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