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Beatles V. Metallica


you win again, Trimco  

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I know its been done before, but we need a good debate here.

Beatles for me.  :)


Can't compare there music, Both very diferent styles of music. but Metallica cuts it for me.


I completely agree with you. You can not compare these two bands because of their different music styles. In terms of record sales, I have no idea. I would think, 'The Beatles', are more known among people.

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what a comparison?!?!?!?!?! :blink:


Yeah, but there was a similar thread a while back and the outcome was quite funny. It seemed a good discussion so I decided to see what forum members liked better, hoping that it would instigate a debate. But obviously you people just like to point out the fact that they are completely different to each other. Well guess what? I know they are different! It doesnt take a genius to figure that out. <_<

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none.. you cant comparre..


OK then, hypothetical situation. Some random hobo off the street puts a gun to your head. You can't fight back in anyway and you must say who is better out of Beatles, Metallica and Beatallica and if you say none, you get your balls cut off and then you get shot. Now whats the answer?

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