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Greatest Rock Songwriter(s)


Greatest Rock Songwriter(s)  

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This is based on influence and general exceptance as these as the greatest.

So who do you think, AND WHY!!

NB: Although George Harrison rarely wrote together with Paul and John i had to group him with them as it would be unfair to leave him out as he wrote some great songs.

Well i choose, Floyd, well namely Roger Waters (but you cant seperate the other guys, they helped with almost all music up until Animals) Rog's lyrics are some of the best ever, theire music is complex and beautiful and meshes together so well. You can tell they took a long time to carefully plan their songs and craft them perfectlly. Roger also made the most use of special effects ever, the Bealtes had done it, but never on the scale Roger did it. Their 3 voice harmonies were spine chilling, and Gilmour's guitar playing is second to none, also Rick's keyboard keyboard playing is very noteworth and he is underrated.

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I hate you johnezz this poll is sooo fuckin hard!! i couldn't decide between Led Zep, Floyd or The Stones people. I Chose Page n Plant (an JPJ) in the end. You bastard! "shakes fist"


Muahahaha, hard polls are my speciality.

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The only person that really comes close to Dylan here is John Lennon. Neil Young is up there, too. I would put The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd a lot further down the list (and yes I'm a big fan of all of those bands. I'm just not biased all the time).

1. Bob Dylan

2. John Lennon

3. Neil Young

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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

Dylan is THE rock songwriter, he was the original and his influence is inescapable. I think bands like floyd and the stones wrote great songs but what really stands out is there attitude and sound, let's credit the true songwriters, dylan and neil.

Edit: Brian and the beatles too

Edited by Ohdistortedsmile1789
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