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Van Halen


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I've just started to get into Van Halen, and i have " Best of both worlds", and the debut, and was just wondering what i should get next. Preferably a DLR album, but i also wanna know what Hagar album you guys recon i should get after.

keep in mind that I don't usually get the entire catalogue for bands, except GNR :P:P

but im willing to if they impress me, and their on the right track so far.......

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I was in the same position when i got into the band.

Don't waste money on VH1 and 1984, even though they are probably generally considered the best two albums, since you already have more than half the songs from both of them on the best of both worlds. Most VH albums are pretty short anyway, so you'd be paying for about 20 minutes of music on both of these.

All the DLR albums are good, at least half are great. VH never made a bad album with DLR. I'd recommend Fair Warning (my personal fave). I like this one because the tone is so much darker than all the others. You also only have 1 song from this album (unchained, which is a great song).

Of the hagar stuff, only 5150 and OU812 are really good. F.U.C.K is only for the commited fan and Balance should be avoided like the plague.

This site is a great guide to loads of bands and their albums. Just type van halen in the search box. all music guide Click discography to bring up a list of albums and click one to read the review. But if you're smart you won't trust any one source for advice.

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