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Anyone out there know how Useless this section is right now  ;) , Will it ever be needed again , mayb we should take it off the forum for awhile until something "concrete" happens , ya know to conserve space .

 Peace GnR Nation  8)

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yeah i know there's not much of a use for it right now.. but hopefully there will be something to discuss soon! :D and i dont think it would be deleted until like no one had used it for like 2 weeks, and that doesnt really happen.. so we'll have to wait and see :)

but yeah.. a dating section!  ;)

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but yeah.. a dating section!  ;)

A DATING SECTION?????? Nah c'mon... :monkey:

hmmm you must be bored...I notice you;re replying to anything... :lol:

hehe...well I got a lot of opinions... :lol::lol::lol:

but hey, a dating section??? Ramm, c'mon, people c'mon... lol ^_^

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