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wow.. ifthey reunited i would seriously try and buy tickets for as many shows on their tour as physically possible - i'm not missing a thing! :D

You know, I'll do the same. There are people in this forum who've been to more than 2 gnr shows in a year. Shit I want to that also.

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:Pin my wildest dream!!!

Yeah...it sucks a lot though...wonder why they split up in the first place... ???

(If your going to explain, it better be a good reason... ;))

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I guess the original band-mates...I suppose... :-/

hmm.. I wouldn't be so sure, they've probably been arguing or disputing it for so long they've forgotten the truth.. a lot of it was probably done through lawyers and such (not the real way :() and so it must have been quite a bitter end.. plus they were on a lot of great drugs... ;) dont forget the drugs :)

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:DYeah PTU, they've probably all forgot the real reason!

yeah didnt you ever get that, like if you fight with someone for long enough all things get dragged up and then it gets so blown up you forget how it all started anyway.. and your just fighting for the sake of it ::)

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