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seriousluy? so its not nearly finished?

i dont get why they did away with it... do they wanna host the olympics or something cause thats the only way it would make sense ::) i mean so many greats have stood on that stage like Freddie Mercury to name only one... and so great people have past though there and i said it had some kind of magic to it, it was breath-taking. why did they have to take all that away before it's time? :(

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They pulled it down cos it was dangerous apparently!!  They are not even putting twin towers in its place, such a shame. Originally they ran out of money after it was pulled down but I think they may have money again and I pressume they will start to build it again..... :-/

I've been to a few concert's there and the tour but it is just a waste ground at the mo.  The areana and conference centre are still there.

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