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Well, I would guess that Axl has a LOT of legal issues to sort through before the band can plan another tour. Also, the band would have to line up a new promoter -- one that's willing to take a chance on GNR in light of what happened and one that can convince insurers to come onboard to cover the gigs.  (The cancelled shows and riots may have scared off potential promoters and insurers).

Then there's all the rumors about conflicts between certain band members. But who knows.

We'll have to wait and see.

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yeah I heard, through my very reliable connections  :)  :)  :) that they'll tour on a contract that Axl has to announce at least 3 days in advance that the show is cancelled or whoever makes the decision or else its a fine... let me restate that if Axl makes the decision against the contract more than 3 times the tour is off... if someone else makes the decision they are fined by the tour promoter, dont hold me against this its just what I heard.

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I can say, and I feel strongly about this, that Axl has no chance of ever touring again without CD released.

1. CD has to be released and doing well.

2. If CD "flops" there will be no more GNR.

If the rumours a true about T3.  Then the album should follow the single about 1-2 monts after.  So if all goes well we'll see CD in August-September etc...

Then a "proper" tour with promotion in the new year 2004.

What do ya think?

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I think they'll release the album VERY soon after any single in T3. Maybe late June, July time. I think they'll want the publicity of everything coming in a short period of time, ie, a publicity shít storm. Then start a tour with the late summer festivals like they did last year.

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