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John Lennon songs


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John Lennon 9th October 1940 - 8th December 1980

As it is the 25th anniversary of his death, what are your favourite John Lennon songs?

This can include Beatle songs that he wrote.

In My Life



Instant Karma

Mind Games


A Day In The Life

Strawberry Fields Forever

Just Like Starting Over

Out The Blue

and so many more!

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#1 is "Jealous Guy". I remember buying the Lennon Legend best of album a few years ago, knowing several of the songs. Then I heard the opening piano on "Jealous Guy" and knew I would fall in love with this song. Sure enough, I did. There are very few songs (I mean only one or two) that can match the emotion expressed in this song. Listen to this song if you don't know it.

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I'm listening to Imagine now, and I'm actually crying :(

You where such a brilliant song writer - a true genius :(

It was such a bad way to die, that Chapman fucker! :fuckyou::angry:

If I'd met him in person, I swear I would have hit the fucker with a sledgehammer - but that isn't the way you would have wanted it. All you wanted was peace and love in the world.. :(

1. Jealous Guy

2. We All Shine On

3. Imagine

4. Woman

5. Whatever Gets You Through The Night

6. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

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