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RIP Dimebag


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I'm proud that someone remembered! I was just going to make this thread myself

R.I.P Darrell Lance Abbot 20th of August 1966 - 8th of December 2004

"Just before we hit stage on December 8th 2004, I said, 'How's your guitar tonight?' He chunked down on it and said 'Good to go.' I said 'Van Halen? He said 'Van fucking Halen!', 'Van Halen' was our code word for just letting it all hang out, just like Van Halen did back in the day. Y'know, 'Dont worry about anything; just fucking kick ass' That would always lighten up the mood.

He gave me a high five. And then, a minute and a half later...I'll never see him again, man. - Vinnie Paul


R.I.P :(

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yeah the year went quick man. i remember the night - id bin round town and got in very much worse for wear but for some reason didnt just pass out and fall asleep and it was gone 6.30am. so i looked on the internet and saw the story. i couldnt believe it. i'd bin reading about him, it had only been that summer when he got his awards at the hammer golden gods and had got so pissed he couldnt find the stage, then he lost his shoe and broke the head of his award. what a character, what a guitarist.

my thoughts are with vinnie

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It is truly hard to believe it has been a year now. This day is all but too sad. I am listing to John Lennon right now. I will be listing to Dime later and Jim Morrison as well. I plan to light many candles at sundown as a tribute to there souls. May you R.I.P. brothers. You will never be forgotten.

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Vinnie Paul says he left behind lots of recordings that haven't been released. Maybe we'll get to hear more from Dime in the next few years.


Vinnie just got his own record label..Big Vin Records...He plans on releasing the collaberation with him and Dime with David Allen Coe in March.

Brother Dime,put a couple beers on ice for me man....R.I.P

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