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next axl rant in concert


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"This goes to all you punks on the net, who wanna start shit by typing lies instead of the truth, that means you mygnr, htgth, cd, bigboss at elsewhere what you pissed off cause no ones talking to you? fuck you suck my fucking dick, youve been making shit up, while people are just trying to see what is up with there favorite band, typing lies, starting controversy, you wanna antagonize me? antagonize me motherfuckers! Get in the ring motherfuckers, and I WILL KICK YOURE MOTHERFUCKING ASS! PUNK!"

or maybe not, who knows? :xmasschef2:


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How hopeful is everyone of there even bein a tour in the future???

Which promoter in ther right mind will book Axl, really??? After the 2002 exploits, theres hardly gonna be a fuckin queue of them waitin, coz he aint reliable enough for them. As much as I hope I'm wrong, if there is gonna be another world tour Axl would have to sign somethin sayin that he WILL DEFINATELY play every show unless physically unable to.

Now im ready for everyone to slate me <_< ... BUT Im just bein realistic.

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"some people, didn't belive that i could come back. some didn't belive that the cd wouldn't be released. who to the fuck do they thik i'm fucking am?!!

they been eaten my fucking ass every fucking time they've had a fuckin chanse. to you fuck you. :fuckyou:

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Stop the show -- hey stop the fucking show! Somebody just threw a goddamn shoe at me!

Listen, if anyone sees some motherfucker trying to hop out of here right now on one leg you

send him this way. You know what, I'm gonna put this fucking shoe on and see where it takes

me. Yeah, that's right and as long as it ain't Seattle I'm cool with it. Hey, where's Kurt Nobrain's

whore nowadays? Me, I'm up here and I'm alive. Throw one more fucking thing at this stage

you'll see how wired I am. Yer givin' me the blues - the fuckin' SHOTGUN BLUES!!

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and now...

sometimes I would get bored so I would go and visit gnr forums...

and I would enjoy myself reading bullshit...like what I do in my free time and who I have fucked recently...

people don't know shit...

to all the sons of bitches who think typing is a way of rock n' roll...and for you...here's some thing called DOUBLE TALKIN JIVE MOTHERFUCKER... :P

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