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Minneapolis 11/14/02


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My GnR 11/14 Minneapolis review-

Note: This review includes detail of the whole GnR 2002 tour experience.  From hours before the concert and until the very end of the concert.

Background on me-  I'm a GnR fan.  The band has been my favorite for the last 6 years and is still my favorite band.  I own all of their CD's, including the not so popular Spaghetti Incident and boot leg version of "Rock at Rio 3."  I also have the "Use Your Illusion 1&2 live a Tokyo" DVD's,  Boot leg of "Oklahoma GnR live 1992" VHS, and the "Welcome to the Videos" VHS.  I own a number of GnR posters, shirts, and a rare GnR watch.  The point: I'm a huge GnR fan! Other bands I like: Ozzy, Van Halen, and some Motley Crue.  I've attended a live Tesla concert (2000), David Lee Roth concert (2001), and a Dream Theater Concert (2002).  My favorite singer is Axl Rose.  My favorite guitar player is Randy Rhoads.  I wrote this information so all of you guys have a better idea of where I'm coming from and to have a better understanding of my review.

The Review:

First things first: go excepting the worst show ever in your life. Because if you go expecting to see the worst crap you've ever heard and seen you will be so surprised that you will wonder for hours about how these miraculously, unbelievable musicians came to be so talented and managed to come together in one inconceivable and outstanding band.

Before the Show:  

My friend and I arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled opening of the doors at 6:30.  They opened the doors on the dot at 6:30.  I preceded  to the merchandise booth.  They have a variety of clothing to choose from.  {5-7 men's GnR shirts: $35 each}, {4 Women's GnR Shirts: $35, each} {4  GnR jersey's: $100* each}, GnR belt-buckle {$10-30* each}, {GnR necklace: $10 each}, {GnR shot glass: $10 each},  {GnR hats (baseball caps and winter hat): $10-50* each}, {GnR pants: $60 each} and there is probably some other stuff I forgot to mention.

*Estimated Price

After purchasing a shirt and shot glass we then found our seats, lower level, very close to the stage.  The stage is a multi-level structure.  At the beginning of the concert a big black curtain covers 60% of the stage only making the very front of the stage visible.  To the left and right of the stage is a 10-15 tall screen, which later will show images of GnR playing.  So we sit down and watch the fans pour in the arena.

The Opening Acts:

CKY is the first band to open. They open on time at 7:30pm. At this time the arena is not close to being full.  The guitar player for CKY says "Opening Acts are like previews at movie theaters. You don't if you want to see them." He says something about watching GnR for the last two shows and how their F**king amazing. CKY finishes their set in 30 minutes, 5 songs. The stage is cleared and set up for Mix Master Mike. It takes about 10-15 minutes before he comes out.  He goes on stage at 8:22pm and begins. He is really amazing for 10-15 minutes, doing all this crazy stuff. Then it gets old, real fast. The music would be good for a dance club, but where here to F**KIN Rock. He pays tribute to Jam Master Jay (Run-DMC, Recently Killed).  He also does some cool stuff with Metallica and other Rock band albums. Mike finishes his set at 9:20.  The Wait begins.

The Wait:

GnR takes stage at 10:40pm. In that 90 minute break there was a couple of things to do. Look at girls breasts on the 2 big screen monitors, drink beer (if legal age) or smoke, eat food, buy merchandise, talk to other fans, or go to the rest room.  Let me tell you: This concert is worth the wait.

The Rest of the Review is in the next post below: To long to post the whole thing here.

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Guns N Roses take stage:  

After the wait the curtain was removed.  The lights then turned dark.  Then I heard 4 notes to Welcome to the Jungle.  Myself including the other thousands of fans went into a roar.  A couple more notes then: "DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE F**K YOU ARE!?! YOUR IN THE JUNGLE BABY! WAKE UP, TIME TO DIEE!!"  Every fan goes nuts.  At the same time Axl is screaming and the guitar is being played to the intro, green lasers coming from the stage and shine out to the crowd and raise from the lower to second level.  Giving an amazing effect and pumping up everyone in the arena.  I'm jumping and screaming.   The whole band was amazing.  They all looked great and excited to rock!    Now we can see the stage.  Multi-Level, 100-200 feet long (for Axl when running.)  In the center front of the stage there is a arch the has numerous small camera's inside it.  Which gives a Matrix effect, very cool.  Also there is a massive amount of flames, bangs, sparks, and confetti.

Set List:

1:-Welcome to the Jungle

2:-Its So Easy



4:-Live and Let Die

5:-Think About You

6:-Knockin' On Heaven's Door

7:-You Could Be Mine

8:-Robin Fink's Guitar Doodle/Sweet Child Of Mine

9:-Out Ta Get Me

10:-Rocket Queen


11:-Axl Rose Piano Solo/November Rain


~Bucket-head does num-chucks, break dancing, and guitar solo (some cool star-wars stuff). At the end Bucket-head hands out toys to lucky fans.

13:-My Michelle


14:-The Blues

15:-Chinese Democracy  

-Introducing the Band Members


17:-Night Train


18:-Robin Fink guitar doodle/Paradise City

Every song was on key, in-tune, and beautifully played.  I would go far as saying this band is better then the original.  Live and Let Die was amazing! It was my favorite song of the night.  The had explosions, flames, and Axl held notes for times longer then I could believe.   This is non-stop, true hard rock n roll.  Each of the new members added their own style to improve upon the old songs to make them unique and kick a**!  The guitars are amazing.  A very cool guitar solo by the KFC bucket man himself: Bucket-head.  Played on a Flying-V guitar with the trademark KFC red stripes on it.  After his amazing guitar licks he handed random toys out to some lucky fans.  All 3 of the new songs are amazing.  The night ended with Paradise City.  Axl had a minor problem with a microphone that was easily fixed when a guy on the side-stage quickly hand him another new microphone.  They ended the concert with screaming guitars and vocals, banging drums, thundering bass, and steaming keyboards.  Axl announced "We Will Be Back!"  And in what seemed mere-moments their 2 hour set was finished.

Axl Rant #1- Says something about the 23 degree weather we have in MN.  Say's to the fans "seriously, who throw's a cup of water." (while singing some-one throw a cup of water at Axl. Axl gave the guy the "finger" and the same time singing the part of the song "why don't you just...F**K OFF!)

Axl Rant #2- Talks about how the "Rocket Queen" is a British motorcycle. And back in the day he new a prostitute and he would wear her clothes at concerts and she would wear his clothes when she was on the job (Funny). Axl talks about the origin's of Don't Cry.  He says "At the First GnR show Izzy found a girl friend, and she became his girlfriend...." then something else happened to that girl (also funny).

Axl Rant #3- Thanks us fans for coming. Says that the band will come back with a whole new bunch of songs to play.

-Axl says much more then that during the concert, but those where the longer of the rants.

Last Thoughts:

Words to describe the concert: great, wonderful, fantastic, unbelievable, astonishing, surprising, astounding, beyond belief, remarkable, incredible, marvelous, miraculous, and mind-blowing.  This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my 18 years of life.  I thought from reviews that Axl would be struggling and the concert wouldn't be that good.  In truth I still can't believe I've just seen Guns N Roses.  My life will be forever changed by this experience.  They have proven to myself and thousands of others fans that Guns N Roses is here to stay and is here to kick some Mother F**king A**!  I just keep saying to myself "I've seen Guns N Roses." It seems like an unbelievable dream right now.  GNR FOREVER.  

For the people waiting to see this-  Believe when I say the bad reviews are wrong.  I know its hard to believe what people say about GNR (good or bad) until you see it for yourself.  All I can say is that you will be pleasantly surprised!

Quick notes: Floor: Sold Out, Lower level: 99% sold out, Upper Level: 40-60% sold out.

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Great review, but I disagree onyour thoughts of this band bering possibly better than the orginals, you're way off but entitled to your opinion.  I've seen the origianl GNR and these guys aren't it, but as I've said, I will take anything I can get and remember the better times.  Nobody rocks like Axl!

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I must add though I've never seen the original line-up.  This is my first GnR concert.  I know a guy whose cousin is Duff Mchagen and back in 91-92 he went to a concert and met everyone.  He also says this is "one of the best concerts he's gone to."

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Ok, Now I've seen Guns N' Roses 4 times......the first in 1993 in Fargo, ND.   The second in 2001 in Las Vegas,  and I just saw thiem in Minneapolis and Fargo.....I can say that after seeing the new band and the old, this is BETTER!!!   Screw Slash, Buckethead is king!!!

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Every fan should be excited... I'm so excited thinking back on the show, my body is shaking with joy.   I felt like a little NSYNC girl fan.. Screaming the whole concert and singing everysong.  Let me tell you all that I've never felt like such a part of a concert.  At other band concerts I tend to get bored and tired, but at the 2002 GNR minneapolis concert there was not a moment during their performance when I felt bored nor tired.  I was jumping like a crazed dog with rabies.  I probably had white foam at my mouth.. It is a thing I will never forget... and it will keep me prepared until their next tour, which I can say I will go to atleast 2 concerts!!

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Hey I was at the show in minneapolis...here's a little review.

Guns N Roses went on stage a little after 10:30pm if i recall correctly.  I didn't see CKY but I did catch Mix Master Mike.  He was good, but it got kind of old after about 10 or 15 minutes.  I don't think it is the right crowd for him.  We must have waited well over an hour after him but finally GNR came out.  At least there were some girls flashing on the two jumbo screens to keep us occupied.  The show was awesome to say the least.  At some points the vocals were kind of muffled and the music kind of made the vocals harder to hear but it was still good.  I could have called someone on my cell phone during Patience and they would have been able to hear him perfectly.  The music was way down and it was pretty much just Axl's voice.  The crowd was almost silent in awe.  November Rain was my favorite.  Axl played a solo on the piano that went right into it.  The show was over 2 hours long.  The only point that I could tell people weren't so into it was when they played two new songs in a row.  One was The Blues, I can't recall the other.

At one point we got to see the old pissed-off Axl.  He way to the crowd's right of the stage and someone through a cup of water at him.  It was right in the middle of Out ta Get Me.  I swore he was gonna walk off stage.  It was cool tho, he took the cup, dropped it off the stage and flicked the guy off at the point in the song where he yells 'for so f'ing long!'  I think that is when he flicked the guy off.  I know he swore and just gave the guy the finger and the crowd cheered.  After the song he said something like, "Seriously, who throws water?"  He got a little ticked off later when he was introducing the band and the spot light person couldn't get the lights right or something.  The ended with Paradise City which was insane.  It was loud as hell and people were so into it.  I don't see how this concert in Minneapolis could have received any negative reviews.  This was probably the best concert I have been to, definately worth the 75 bucks.  It is a once in a life time chance to see a Axl on stage at a big venue like this.  I hope someone has a bootleg of this show.  I really think if anyone gave this a negative review, they went into the concert with a negative attitude thinking it is just Axl trying to revive something...yadda...yadda.  They probably had the review half written before the show.  Go in with a clean slate for once you critics.  Axl proved you wrong this time.

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I have Seen GNR Many Times through the years, This concert was one of the best.  In reference to the women flashing the crowd, one of them was my buddies wife!  The new band can rock, I also saw them the next night in Fargo, It was not as good as the Minneapolis Show.  GNR Forever

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The show in Minneapolis was by far the best concert I've seen in my life. The other new song they played was Madagascar. I was one of the girls on the jumbotron although I didnt flash it. Anyone remember a girl who the camera wouldnt leave alone?? Standing with 2 other chicks?? Well that was me. Anyways CKY did alright I actually got to hang out with that band for a bit and the guys were pretty cool. After the show I got backstage passes from CKY and was able to say "Hey Axl" to the man in person, he said Hello but was being rushed out so I never really got to talk to him. He sang great and buckethead and the rest of the guys truely suprised me with their ability to pull off the songs so well.

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Im bringing this thread back from page 87. I see many negative things going around. Let my review be a reminder for those that were lucky enough to see GNR on the 2002/2003 Chinese Democracy Tour and for those who missed. Maybe my review will put some joy back it wait for the new CD/tour

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Now I've got all four shows I've been too downloaded and burned.....thats all i listen too, is those four shows...it's cool you brought this back...I will never stop caring...

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I'll start by saying this new band is ok at best.

I witnessed a monstrous wicked show on new year's eve 1992. It may have been the greatest show at the peak of GnR success and glory. After viewing tons of video bootlegs of Axl's infamous 2002 Chinese Democracy failed tour, there's no equivalent, in my eyes, of the grand spectacle I enjoyed. The rawness of Axl snake dancing on stage sporting his now diseased throaty voice, along with Slash soloing before and after every song with cigarette dangling & foot on the wah-pedal under the spotlight and rippin' into the Godfather theme, was what brought 100s of thousands to the football stadium shows. No new NiN knock off band can pull that off. Sorry if I offended anybody. There can only be one real NiN, it only shows Trents brilliance.

            Great Miami New Years Show

12.31.91 -- Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, FL

opening act: Soundgarden(I was lucky there was no rap act)


Welcome To The Jungle

Mr. Brownstone

Live And Let Die



Bad Obsession

Double Talkin' Jive(mother fucker)

Civil War

It's So Easy

Wild Horses [intro] - Patience

Rocket Queen

Piano Solo, November Rain

You Could Be Mine

Drum Solo

Guitar Solo

Godfather Theme

Sail Away Sweet Sister / Bad Time [intro] - Sweet Child O' Mine

Don't Cry

Move To The City

Only Women Bleed [intro] - Knockin' On Heaven's Door


Paradise City

notes: Cool New Year's Eve show! This is GN'R's first stadium show as headliners in the US. Axl talks about New Year's resolutions. Slash dedicates 'Rocket Queen' as a Happy New Year song to all of Miami. 'Paradise City' is played through the New Year, as Axl leads a '5-4-3-2-1' chant towards the end of the song! (as taken from GnRontour.com)

Thats my review...a little late sorry. ;D

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Thanks for bringing your thread back spazprm! 8)  

Good review!  It brought back memories of one of the greatest days of my life, GNR Tacoma NOV. 8, 2002. I love your attitude!  I didn't hear anyone complaining!

[glow=white,2,300]GNR RULES now and forever!



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