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Cleveland 11/24/02


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Location:  Section 126, Row 4, Seats 6 & 7

Distance from stage:  Roughly 30 Yards

I've never heard of CKY until the show on Sunday, but they were pretty decent.  Their performance convinced me to pick up a copy, of their new CD, on the way out.  Mix Master Mike ripped up quite a bit of metal like Metallica and Disturbed, but the length he was on seemed to drag on a bit.  Anyone who says that GNR isn't sh*t, just face it... GNR was/is just TOTALLY F'N AWESOME!  They just blasted the roof off the Gund Arena for two hours.  Buckethead was F'n amazing with the solo he kicked out, and the other band members were just as good as each other.  As stated before the GNR set lasted roughly two hours, ending with Axle dropping the mic on the floor after Paridise City which was an encore performnace.  He wasn't being a dick, just letting us know that, that was it for the night.  It was AWESOME!

Two words... TITS EVERYWHERE!  Man, what a fool I am for not taking the risk of getting a disposable camera confiscated to get some decent shots of those awesome flesh pillows.  Of-course, I would have taken some shots of the GNR show too, but it probably would have only been a couple shots.  Security was tight, they did yank some cameras, but I'm sure quite a few people got some nice pics.  They can't catch everyone.

Anyone going to any of the upcoming shows?  If you are, and are interested in perhaps helping out a fellow GNR fan, I wished I had bought at least two more of the black shot-up GNR star logo t-shirts.  I'd be happy to pay a bit more for each shirt plus whatever the shipping & fondling fees would be.

Anyone just checking this topic out, just to see what's possible to come in the upcoming shows, be prepared for possibly the best show of your life.  It was a blast, and I'm sure it will be for you too.


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