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Steven Adler In Legal Battle Over Adler's Appetite Name


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It seems a few former members of Adler's Appetite are challenging Steven Adler to the rights to the Adler's Appetite name.

This article appeared on Blabbermouth and on Jizzy Pearl's website at www.jizzypearl.com

Former ADLER'S APPETITE Members Claim Ownership Of Band's Name, Threaten Legal Action - Dec. 30, 2005

Former ADLER'S APPETITE members Jizzy Pearl (vocals; RATT, LOVE/HATE), Keri Kelli (guitar; VINCE NEIL, SLASH'S SNAKEPIT) and Robbie Crane (bass; VINCE NEIL, RATT) have issued the following statement:

"Concerning the recent departure of members of ADLER'S APPETITE, Keri, Robbie and Jizzy would like to address the situation. The truth is none of the partners have quit ADLER'S APPETITE. In February of 2003 Keri Kelli and Ryan Johnson (former ADLER'S APPETITE manager) recruited each band member, Johnson later came up with the moniker 'ADLER'S APPETITE.' On October 19th, 2004 in the state of California, Jizzy Pearl, Keri Kelli, Robbie Crane & Steven Adler [ex-GUNS N' ROSES] entered into a signed and notarized partnership agreement as 'ADLER'S APPETITE,' legally binding them as equal partners. The partnership has sole ownership and control of the name 'ADLER'S APPETITE,' the EP Masters, the ADLER'S APPETITE website, DBA and all present and future interests from records, merchandise and/or touring under the 'ADLER'S APPETITE' name. The ADLER'S APPETITE name and logo are registered trademarks owned by the partnership and its four partners. In accordance with the partnership agreement, no one single member has the right or authority to hire or fire anyone without a majority vote from all four partners. Steven Adler has violated this agreement and is in jeopardy of losing his share of the partnership and his right to the ADLER'S APPETITE name. Booking agents, promoters, club owners, record companies, merchandisers and any and all hired players should be aware that a legal partnership and trademark exists and anyone reproducing the ADLER'S APPETITE trademarked name and/or logo, anyone entering into any business affairs as ADLER'S APPETITE without the express written consent of all four legal partners are subject to full legal action.

"Keri Kelli, Jizzy Pearl and Robbie Crane want to thank all the fans for their support and apologize for the confusion."

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Here's an earlier article that talks about the feud that led to the firing of several members.

From Blabbermouth:

RATT/ex-LOVE/HATE singer Jizzy Pearl has responded to comments made by ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer Steven Adler regarding Pearl's departure from Steven's ADLER'S APPETITE project.

In an interview published by Argentina's Jedbangers magazine, Adler had the following to say regarding Jizzy: "Another jackass singer [was in the band for the recording of the group's first EP], I don't remember his name. I didn't like him very much. Not a good singer. . . If I would've known anyone who sang like that, I would've gotten someone else [before we recorded that EP]. I'm serious. I didn't like him very much. Not a good singer, not a good person and he can kiss my ass. I didn't like that guy." Asked about his current band, Adler stated, "It's so much more fun. We're more professional."

In a posting on his official message board, Pearl had the following response to Adler's remarks:

"Yeah, funny. I like the last part about Adler being 'more professional.' If you guys only knew... He thinks I had an affair with his wife. He also thinks Craig [bedford, former ADLER'S APPETITE guitarist] had an affair with his wife, hence his firing. He also thinks that his wife travelled with us on the RATT bus this last summer. Adler's lawyer was there in Houston with us on the bus and could tell him otherwise, but he hasn't. Why? I could get [John] Corabi [RATT guitarist] and Warren [DiMartini, RATT guitarist] to come on here but that would be only feeding delusion. It's not up to me to tell people why Robbie [Crane, former ADLER'S APPETITE bassist] and Keri [Kelli, former ADLER'S APPETITE guitarist] were fired but the lie that they 'left on good terms' is exactly that — a lie. Keri was fully expecting to go to Europe. In fact, he worked many hours putting that tour together. Robbie was accused of some horrible shit and is seeking legal action against 'Mr. Professional'. I debate whether to tell people all the dirty little secrets that I have witnessed while on tour and off. Old habits die hard, I guess.

"Hey, New Guys, good luck with that...you're in for quite a thrill ride."

ADLER'S APPETITE's current lineup consists of the following musicians:

Chip Z'Nuff (ENUFF Z'NUFF) – Bass

Sheldon Tarsha – Vocals

Michael Thomas (BEAUTIFUL CREATURES) – Guitar

JT Longoria (IZZY STRADLIN) – Guitar

Steven Adler – Drums

ADLER'S APPETITE's new lineup recently completed an Argentine tour and will be touring Europe in January and February. A New Year's Eve gig at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Las Vegas has also been booked.

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