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Ok, before you all start posting links to various websites i've seen, i've read and heard what the WTTJ tab should sound like. But i want the real version. For example, watch The Ritz '88 and you'll see Slash play the intro but "string skip" if you like. I want that tab. I think he plays the original tab but plays an oben B string to give the Delay sounding effect. Anyone have any ideas?

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I think you're right and that he plays it like this:


That's the way I've always played it and it sounds right to me, just make sure it's palm muted. :)

Ahh brilliant! That's it! Yeah i tried to play it the other day but just improvisin it like i saw Slash do it on the Ritz 88 and didn't palm mute. Oh my god, haha. Palm muting is important!! But thanks anyway!

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