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Who Went to the Toronto show it kicked ass


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Did anybody go to the show in Toronto on the 29th I think that was the greatest concert i have ever seen. Axl was right on and didnt miss a beat and his high notes were better then ever. Like in Live And Let Die Axl held is voice 3 times longer then anybody i've ever heard.

Axl Rose:he kicked ass was really unbeleivable unlike anything I have ever seen before. I have to try to get used to Axl with the braided hair but it looked realy kool on him and so did the Toronto maple leaf jersey he was wearing. He did his normal strut's and on stage moves like in 93 and he ran around the stage the whole night. I hope he keeps it up Axl Rocks and theirs not another singer in the world better then him.

Robin Fink: Alright Robin Fink played great filled in for slash better then anybody. His solos before Sweet Child O'Mine and Paradise City were really touching and you could tell it was comming from his heart he really played with alot of emotional fealings through out the night.

Buckethead: Holly shit this guy was amazing! He is one of the greatest guitarst's of all time. In Sweet Child O'Mine I could'nt say that slash was missed at all Bucket played the shit outta that guitar. I've never seen anything like him before in my life. He really backed up Axl.

Richard Forus: He was really energetic and gave the guitar a thrashing the whole night. Really looked like he was enjoying himself.

Tommy Stinston: I think he is far better then Duff and thatz it he rocks I really liked him and the way he played.

Brian Mantia: his thounderous drumming was very good. Brain can definetely fill in for Adler and Matt in my oppinion the best drummer of the 3.

Dizzy Reed: same old story great on the keyboard. I really enjoyed his work in the new songs Madagascar & The Blues. He kicked ass in both especially the Blues i think it's one of the best GNR songs written.

Chris Pittman: I honestly didnt notice him that much.

Overall the show was great Sweet Child O'Mine was played better then in 87 the new band is definetly better. ;D

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