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gnr mention on mtv.com


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I found this on most anticapating albums of 2006 in there.


Heres the part that i found about them. Nothing new in my opinion but nice to know that there being mentioned.


But we can't forget about those other albums, the ones we've included in this preview story every year for at least, oh, five years now, and which we hope are closer to release than the last time we reported on them. We're talking about Dr. Dre's long-promised rapping swan song, Detox, Guns N' Roses' decade-in-the-making Chinese Democracy and the solo debut from ex-Rage Against the Machine leader Zack de la Rocha, who has been mostly MIA since quitting Rage more than five years ago. Reps for these artists tell us there is no new information on them, but here's hopin'.

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