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HELP!!!OK used dvdshrink for many burns now this./...


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hey made copies of my movie collection, they all worked, except I am trying to reburn some off the burned copies again for my car, and they burn says it burned sucsessfully then pop them in my dvd player and no go, but 2 outts 7 that said they worked actually do, 1 came up saying there is copy protection, but that movie burned before.... anyone have a copy stripper for this? I am also using dvd43 to strip them, maybe it cant do it on already burnt ones?




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In my experience DVD shrinks great but try any dvd 5.1.1, to get the new codes for films, dvd shrink only has the codes for films released before dvd shrink is released if that makes sense, run any dvd then shrink it, nero is the best burning software ive used, easy to use. ;)

Loads of places have free trials then go to net and get the serial for the software.

Advantages of any dvd is that it dosnt need to save to hard drive, though shrink will save it there, just delete before next shrink.

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