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Is Axl's voice still awesome?


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hi! First time writing from a long time user.

As much as i anticipate the upcomoing new album 'chinese democracy',

I became a little doubtful if the new GNR is as good as the old one.

Of course, we don't have slash.

that's a hugh deficit that is never going to filled by any other guitarist on earth.

But ..

When i heard axl sing from 2002 live, I get to learn his voice is not as good as he used to.

I don't know how. but on some level , i found his voice is getting weak.

I love when his pitch high shouting gets really powerful and really dirty.

But i can't find it from the recent 2002 performance.

it is only me to think this way?

PS- I think axl's voice was best around year 1992


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This is such an old and repetitive topic. Yes his voice sounds higher now. Actually it sounds like it does on the Hollywood Rose cd. My opinion is that years of touring caused his voice to get lower and more raspy. It does not bother me and I still think he sounds great. When I saw them live in 2002 he sounded very powerful. That show was in Chicago and he was dead on-----

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