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Chinese Democracy Cover?

The Sandman

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Hey Gunners,

On a certain website I visit, not Google, there was a rumour that the following cover was supposed to be the official cover. I dismissed this as fan art, although what does everyone think of it?

*edit - Removed, Case Closed.

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The tracklist confirms it's incredibility.

S'what I thought, but I was wondering about the artwork, whether or not that had any credibility. Obviously, the CD cover was the fan art that someone originally described, but I was curious as to the cover.


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That track list :D

Isn't that Oasis' Definately maybe?

I think it is

Mostly, yes.

Removed it, case closed.

Well, it's quite stylish. I wouldn't mind having that.

But I think the cover will be more traditional

Yeah, it's rather sexy. I think it's closer than the other fan art one

and I for one am not sure whether the album still is called Chinese Democracy.

I've challenged people in here to bet against me, but noone dares.

Betcha it will be called Chinese Democracy :P

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I think the cover of Chinese Democracy is an drawed guy, kind a like a mummy or something, haven't you seen that pic?

anyway, it could also be the pic of Axl in the space and 4 chinese guys behind him also in the space, I think I remeber that pic. right.... I dont know

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