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Pinch Harmonics...

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high bass, high treble, low mids, mean distortion pedal or amps. fat strings (for beginners)

keep in mind some of the really high notes dime hits are actually natural harmonics, he just hits them when the bar is down low, and when he brings it back up the notes really scream.

check out one of forsaken's last posts in the "great guitar playing" thread, you'll know the one because i said "thank you so much for that"

as for the pickups, i have low end seymour duncans and they pull it off just fine, i don't think they matter that much, but i heard those "dimebuckers" work wonders for squealing (or whatever you wanna call it)

hope this helps

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Yeah, pickups don't really matter if you know what you are doing. Some EMG's might be a bit helpful in putting out the higher end, but if you do it right, you can make a passive pickup scream just as much.

Your best bet is to do like Quad said and turn your bass and treble up, and your mids down. If you have an EQ pedal, you'll do even better. Make sure your distortion is all the way up too. And then practice your technique with your strumming hand.

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i just got finished playing a dean with a dimebucker (god i suck with explorers) but that thing let out some awesome squeals, easily too, i was hittin squeals everywhere, every time. too bad those guitars are so impractical

Funnily enough, i find the Explorer shape very comfotable, not as comftable as a Strat though.

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