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Dire Straits & Marc Knopfler


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Marc Knopfler is a true guitar virtuoso and hearing 8 minute art rock songs like "brothers in arms" are just awesome. Their songs seemed to be in the vein of an estranged or don't cry. They were an incredibly talented band....

If you like UYI 2 style songs, Dire Straits might be up your alley....

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Can you recommend anything?

You like clapton...cool their songs have a similar vibe also...

Get the cd "Brother's in arms" to start off with, if you want just a song to get into them, I'd suggest the song "brother's in arms". I first heard that song on Miami Vice and was struck by how ominous and dark it was...great track with phenomenal guitar work.... :shades:

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I don't see much similarities to UYI2

But they have made some good songs though

I meant the epic rock stylings of the UYI 2 songs. UYI and some of the newer chinese democracy song have this art rock quality that Dire Straits have as well...atleast imho...

I really enjoy Marc's soulful guitar work though....he's amazing...

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Dire Straits are one of my favourite bands of all time. If you are beginning to listen to them you should start off with some of the early stuff like Sultans of Swing & Down to the Waterline. Things like Walk of Life and Money for Nothing are Dire Straits progression from the late 70's to the 80's. Brothers in Arms is epic. I highly reccomed that. Also Tunnel of Love and Romeo & Juliet. Mark Knopfler is a guitarist up there with the likes of Eric Clapton. Great singer and his lyrics are extremelly clever and creative. Some of his solo work is amazing too e.g. Going Home (from Local Hero) and Why Aye Man.

Anyway for anyone who's looking to listen to Dire Straits I reccomend those songs/albums. You can't beat the mesmerising guitar work of Knopfler it's amazing. You can actually feel Private Investigations, which is frankly a work of art.

Mark Knopfler is expected to do a UK tour later this year. I will of course be going to see him if he does. He still plays Sultans of Swing, Romeo & Juliet, Tunnel of Love, Brothers in Arms.

rock2 ''Do the Walk of Life''

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