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will you give up on axl??

rock chick bitch

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if there is no cd this year i wont give up as such but i will check the forum alot less and not expect the cd, this year i am quite confident we will see new material especially with the new axl pics and i dont care what he looks like i care bout the music he makes

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I will NEVER give up on GN'R or Axl, but CD is different. I won't give up on it as such, more kind of not expecting it if it doesn't come out in a while.


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do you think chinease democracy will be out this year because alot of fans have said if it dosnt appear by the end of 2006 they will give up on guns n roses and axl.

if it dosnt appear will YOU give up on them??

just woundring

rock on peeps rock3

already have...

i think they'd better quit now- before the release of the new CD that will slander the good name of the old label.

i might be the only one who think that axl rose is a has-been, but everybodt thinks differently.

so dont you bash me for sharing my thoughts :)

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